About Us

What can LumiGeni do for you?

  • Design amazing brand identity that screams your company name / brand / product or services.
  • Create your best-in-class website that gets tons of traffic, builds customer loyalty, and is easy to manage content.
  • Launch gripping promotional campaigns that deliver compelling messages and dynamic experiences that are buzz-worthy.
  • Arm you with the necessary tools to produce quality leads, automated sales, fulfilled transactions, and loyal customers.

About Us

Over the last 16 years we have been designing and developing for our amazing clients. Our vast knowledge and skills deliver results that will help your business flourish. We apply our innovative ideas and progressive work-flow to deliver robust, engaging, and comprehensive projects. We provide solutions that will help showcase your business and improve your visibility.

The founders of LumiGeni are artists and internet professionals with more than two decade of experience in the multimedia, web hosting, web development, product research and development (R&D), product prototyping and web programming industries. They recognized the need for not only Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but also visually appealing and technically advanced design and coding which they felt that the market did not provide that adequately enough. Our projects reflect not only our creativities but our strength on creating secure website with today’s latest web application language platform and inter-activities.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the ultimate solutions to our clients, on-time delivery, and rock-your-socks designs that blow your minds away! Our main focus is on customer satisfaction and it does not stop there. We strongly believe that it is not who does it; it is how it is done that makes the difference. We deploy techniques and knowledge that we have gained over the last eleven years and apply to each and every project we complete.

Our Promise

We believe in always putting the customer first, because without you we would never have gotten as far as we have. We promise to always respond to our customers, to always notify you in advance whenever there will be planned server downtime and to keep you informed whenever there are system incidents. We promise to create the most thriving design and most up to dated coding which meets all standards and meet cross-browser compatibilities. But most of all, we promise to listen.

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